Saturday, May 30, 2009

Was Ben Franklin a sailor?

It's a very long way from the C&D Canal in Delaware to the Ben Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia. 9 and 1/2 hours to be precise--especially when the current is against you and you're in a sailboat with the wind on the nose (sailor jargon for comin' right at you). But we saw two eagles along the way before we got to the LONG stretch of power plants, plumes of unknown gases from tall smokestacks, and lots of barges, tankers, and tugboats.

Mindy & Tom, you would have been surprised to spot these eagles. I told them there was a nicer location without power plants farther south along the James! Also the osprey and blue heron populations are going strong. GOING is the operative word. Do you know just how much a heron can "go" on a dock?

We left MicMac in a slip in Piers Marina, a marina that has seen its better days, and we went to Dave's home in Roxborough for a few days, getting our land legs back. Hoped to see the Phillies tonight, but the game is sold out.

We played tourist yesterday and walked a lot around Philly. The Seaport Museum at Penn's Landing is a great spot to spend a few hours. There's the Becuna, a WWII sub, to explore and the Olympia warship from Spanish-American War days. Admiral Dewey commanded it in the Battle of Manila, and he had some cool digs.

Then Pete and I enjoyed a great dinner with Dave and Heather last night at an Italian restaurant, Pesto, in South Philly. Willieburg is NOT known for great Italian food, so this was a real treat.


  1. Love reading about your adventures Moxons and will stay tuned to hear more. Be safe, watch out for sharks and come home safely! Thanks for the link to Billy's website. Appreciate it.

    LOL, Jen and Bill

  2. Hey MA and Pete, I'm sure enjoying reading about your trip on the high seas! 36 hours in a storm.. I hope the wine held out! I'm jealous of all your book reading. I'm sure you had a wonderful visit with Dave.
    All your SC family are fine. Hannah turned 3 on Sat. with a big back yard wing ding; William's getting ready to move into his new room with bunk beds; M & D are hanging in there! Love, Laurel