Monday, June 15, 2009


Here's today's scuttlebutt. We were going to drive our beautiful Rent-a-Wreck car from St. Michael's to Wilmington this morning and surprise Julie and Rob who are visiting my Mom with Brody--IF I was not still coughing.

I'm recovering but now Pete has the same symptons I had a six days ago, and is now going to My Doc's In to visit my favorite doctor of the week.

Does MicMac need A YELLOW "QUARANTINE" FLAG? But neither of us has been near a pig, so I guess it could be worse. Guess we'll get outta here and go anchor out and feel sorry for ourselves. We're really disappointed because Brody is almost 3 months old now and really smiling a lot now.

FYI: The concept of the quarantine flag dates back at least to the Middle Ages, when the Black Plague (Bubonic Plague) swept over Europe. Cities with seaports such as Venice required ships wishing to enter port to wait a prescribed period of time before passengers were permitted to disembark. In addition, these ships were often required to fly a flag identifying their status as quarantined, although it isn't known when the yellow color was first used. Today, the yellow quarantine flag is universally recognized to signal that a vessel wishes to enter a port and is requesting pratique, or clearance.
"Scuttlebutt" origin: Sailors of yore stored water in wooden barrels called butts. Scuttle means to cut a hole in something. So the scuttled butts were where they drank and got their scuttlebutt. The water cooler gossip of olden days!

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