Sunday, June 7, 2009

Chestertown is just so quaint

We anchored out last night in Langford Creek off the Chester River. Now I have another favorite anchorage. Nothing but woods, a few farms, and lots of herons and ospreys. Pretty sunset too.

Interesting trivia for y'all: Talulah Bankhead is buried nearby up the other fork of the creek.
Munitions guys at Aberdeen Proving Grounds must not work on Saturdays and Sundays, so no big booms surprised us. It's really quite irksome since sailors always keep their ears tuned to thunder.

Today we pulled into Chestertown, MD, a colonial town with the look of Duke of Gloucester Street. It's a huge historic district with lots of brick sidewalks that I could stumble on while looking up at all the charming houses.
Unfortunately, the Sultana ship was not in port. But this town is a mecca for artists who like to paint ships. No one as talented as Bill Beebe, of course, but some are quite impressive.
Chestertown is also so advanced (much more than Baltimore) that it has WiFi hot spots around town. So I'm parked in front of a coffeeshop, doing my thing, while Pete gets some exercise.
We're in a marina tonight, and we'll have dinner soon at the historic Imperial Hotel down the street.

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  1. We are loving hearing all about the trip guys. Keep it up and thanks for all the nice Beebe compliments~much appreciated! We miss you both. Be safe and be well and come home soon!

    The Beebsters