Saturday, June 6, 2009

Foul weather indeed

Sure glad that walking around Baltimore in bright yellow foul weather gear is stylish. It has been raining since we arrived.

We had a long overdue reunion with my great high school friend, Sharon Casey, on Thursday night. She was our matron-of-honor 35 years ago. We enjoyed a great dinner in Little Italy restaurant, Amicis (walked there in the rain) and traded boating and grandchildren stories. Some ties will always remain--no matter how many years go by without seeing each other.

More rain all day Friday, with no relief in sight until Saturday. No WiFi connections either. So it's reading and another Scrabble marathon game.

We walked around funky Fell's Point in a drizzly rain, and tried to find where Uncle Rollo's used to be. That's not a story from olden days fit for this blog. Didn't get to eat at the famous Bertha's Mussels since we had already enjoyed sandwiches on board. Actually there are 70 restaurants within walking distance--if you believe the marketing from area marinas. So much food, and so little time!

There's a movie theatre within walking distance so we saw "Angels and Demons" in spite of the less-than-stellar reviews. Actually liked it. Maybe it's the rain that makes murders in Rome a good movie theme. How does Dan Brown come up with these ideas and symbology?

A visit to a nearby Whole Foods allowed us to re-stock the frig and freezer. Sure wish we had one of these in Willieburg. So many options for dinner tonight, but we chose crabcakes.

Now I'm Annie and singing "Tomorrow, tomorrow . . . " NOAA forecast says the sun may shine.

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