Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Hour on Solomon’s Island

We sailed almost all the way to Solomons Island from the Little Choptank. Much too windy to explore James Island, so I hope it’s still there for a future time. It’s disappearing fast.

Back to WiFi land, so I'm busy.

Captain Pete and I enjoyed happy hour with the folks on 12 other boats from Stingray Harbor Yacht Club. They took off long after we did and we just joined up with them. They call West Virginia, Noth Carolina, Pennsylvania, Annapolis, Richmond, and lots of other places home. They all sail the Chesapeake since it's the best sailing spot on the east coast.

Everyone shared the highlights of their cruises. Most chose the personal tour of the Cutts & Case Shipyard (famous wooden boat builders) in Oxford. Unfortunately, we missed that tour, although we saw the facility two years ago.

One sailboat had three generations onboard. They picked up Granddad in Annapolis yesterday. He said that spending Father’s Day weekend with his son, daughter-in-law, and three grandkids was quite the experience for him. Dave and Julie, that would be a great weekend some day for Captain Pete.

Since hor's oeuvres were plenty dinner for us, we met up with the gang later after dinner. Paul and Sherry Davis joined us for a visit to the island's famous open air Tiki Bar. Sherry vouched for their potent drinks. Yes indeed they were. One was enough! Had a nice walk back to the marina with no rain predicted for he night. The Breeze-Booster (or Booze-Breester as I called it one night when I was wixing my murds) will be needed tonight since we're on a mooring.
Pete bought some BBQ from the joint next door.

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