Friday, June 19, 2009

More Fin, Fur, & Feather Observations

This trip has been a huge nature study, up close and personal. The osprey poulation is doing very well. There's a nest on every mark in the Bay, and then some.

After dinner we witnessed the Eagles vs. the Ospreys battle of the day. It was even better than the Eagles vs. the Cowboys. We watched two ospreys dive-bomb an eagle that then fell into the creek not far from MicMac. I could almost hear our feathered white-headed friend thinking “I am not a duck. What am I doing in the drink?” Of course, my sympathy is always with the eagle, so I started yelling at the two ospreys. The chagrined eagle soon got his senses back and arose out of the water, joining his mate in a nearby tree where they sat for quite some time. The ospreys soon flew off, feeling pretty cocky about downing an eagle.

We have seen at least 18 eagles so far on this trip. One was even imitating a heron, sitting on a branch just above the water, ver Zen-state. Most are soaring overhead or perched high up overlooking the water.

We missed the Two Rivers’ winetasting tonight, so we renamed our vino tonight—Beckwith Creek Chardonnay. Another marathon Scrabble game in a thunderstorm. I probably won’t play either Rummycube or Scrabble for at least a year after we get home. But it’s a great alternative to TV—or no TV as the case is.

More rain the next morning with a major wind shift. It was tolerable only if you like riding roller coasters. As soon as we could, we returned to another sheltered anchorage back in Hudson Creek, just in time for lunch. I invented “Little Choptank Cheesesteaks” with some of the remaining ingredients in our frig. Not bad, but Philly has nothing to worry about.

We talked with Joran and Lyn who had just pulled into a slip in Philadelphia. It’s a shame that our cruising calendars didn’t match up, but we hope to see them in the bay later this summer. More of our sailing friends from Stingray Harbor Yacht Club are also up this way, but our paths have not crossed yet. Perhaps tomorrow in Solomon’s Island—if this blasted rain and wind ever stop.

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