Saturday, June 6, 2009

On my environmental soapbox

After crabcakes at Phillips, the National Aquarium was on the docket today since it was raining again. Lots of cool fishies were there, probably second or third generation of those we saw last visit to the aquarium about 15 years ago. We couldn’t find Elmo, but did find sharks that Beebe would have enjoyed.

Many “environmental warnings” throughout the place too, with photos of turtles swallowing plastic and wrapped in fishing line, plus dire warnings of disappearing fish species due to changing climate and invasive jellyfish. It seems that an invasive jellyfish (native to our east coast) has devoured most of the fish eggs in the Black Sea, before moving into the Mediterranean, and even the North Sea. We saw that up close and personal a year ago while snorkeling off Greece. Very few fish could be found, and the commercial catch was suffering as well. Our beloved Chesapeake is not the only endangered body of water.

We again saw the amazing “marine flotsam and jetsam picker-upper” at work in the Jones Falls waterway as it empties into Baltimore Harbor. A floating boom of sorts too to stop the stuff. Lots of plastic! If I need to go back to work after this wine and dine tour of the Bay, I want this job—except when stinky dead fish are the culprits. I could be the Riverkeeper on our end of the James. Or not.

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