Friday, June 19, 2009

"Progging about" the Bay

I just learned a new expression for what we’ve been doing, progging about (with a long o if you’re a Smith Islander). It means prowling or poking about to discover fish, crabs, muskrats, and anything else of interest that might be around the bend or—in our case, around the next cove or creek. The estimate for the Chesapeake shoreline is 9000 miles (if you count every little in and out) so we have a lot of progging still to do!

A nasty weather forecast sent us further up the Little Choptank the next morning, looking for shelter from 15-25 knot winds. We found it on Beckwith Creek, another perfect anchorage behind Cherry Island and its square tower. Only three homes are on this compact island, and I wonder who they are. What’s their story? What inspires someone to live on an island like this? I can’t wait to get home and “Google Earth” some of the anchorages or places we sailed by. The rest of the creek is pure wild eastern shore Maryland. More duck blinds than homes. Only a police boat zoomed by the entire afternoon.

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