Friday, June 19, 2009

A Rainy Afternoon with Billy Bob Thornton

Dave loaned us some of his movies to entertain us on rainy days. This was such a day, so we watched Slingblade, even though we remembered seeing it many years ago. Still a very powerful movie. We have lots more movies for the next week. Cape Fear is not onboard!

We have a flatscreen digital TV on MicMac, but the transition to digital broadcasting affected its ability to receive anything other than ads for digital boxes. We can’t figure it out, but the Hunter manufacturer will hear from us when we get home. At least it can play DVD movies. After whining about it for a few days (no news or Jeopardy!), I’m adjusting to life in a media vacuum. Pete’s phone can scan email titles, but it’s a real tedious job to read them. The only “news” announcements we get are from the Coast Guard on VHF. Last Sunday, we heard that the Bay Bridge would be closed for four hours and my first thought was terrorists. It turned out that they were closing it for a “Swim across the Bay” fundraiser!

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