Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rays, rays, everywhere rays

MicMac sailed into quiet Gray's Inn Creek off the Chester River on Monday and we were greeted by a frisky cow-nosed ray, whom I promptly named Ray Charles. He darted very quickly along the surface with his two wing tips above the water, looking like a pair of sharks. That does get your attention!

Before you get excited. . . this photo was NOT taken in the Chesapeake. John Smith may have seen rays in water this clear, but the Chesapeake is far from this condition now.

Many more of Ray’s family joined him throughout the day, until we were surrounded by them. I don't know what this means for the health of the Bay, but I suspect it's not good news since rays love little oyster spat. That's not conducive to a resurging oyster population.

We have spotted rays near Stingray Point on the Rappahannock River which is famous for John Smith’s encounter with a stingray in 1608. But not this many.

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