Monday, June 22, 2009

St. Leonard’s Creek is Super Scenic

Leaving Solomon’s Island, we turned right up the Patuxent River to scout out some creeks we had never visited before. All the cruising guides describe St. Leonard’s as the prettiest part of the Patuxent, but they didn’t describe it thoroughly.
Sailing by the high tree-covered bluffs is the closest thing on the Chesapeake to entering a fiord. That’s a slight exaggeration, but use your imagination. There are few homes and few watermen either. But it was a rainy fiord (what else on this trip?). We quickly dropped the anchor as the lightning and thunder began, and enjoyed the Grill Sargeant’s Barbecue (next door to Tiki Bar) that we had picked up last night for lunch. We were just up the creek from Vera’s famous White Sands Beach Club that we’ll visit for dinner later tonight. We read that it’s an “institution” in these parts. After the rain, the day turned into a perfect one. Not too hot and not too cool. Perfect for a dingy ride up to the head of the creek.

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