Sunday, June 14, 2009

Your Doc's In

What a quaint name for an Easton, MD, "Doc in a box" office.

I've had a hacking cough which was not going away by itself. Neither wine nor tonic water killed the germs either.

BUT . . . St. Michaels has no taxis, no Avis or Hertz, and no doctor who will see non-established patients.

My Willieburg doctor wouldn't concur with my diagnosis of bronchitis without seeing me (even after I explained the extenuating circumstances) and refused to phone in an Rx when we were here 6 days ago. So we left St. Michaels and now were back.

Rent-a-Wreck to the rescue! We felt just like we were back in the Caribbean with an automobile of questionable performance. But it got us to "Your Doc's In" in Easton, about 30 minutes away. Only about 25 people ahead of me in the waiting room (it was a Saturday), and I wondered if any of them had kissed a pig recently. No signs of swine flu, but I washed my hands four times while I was there. Finally met the nice doc, got my prescription (for bronchitis), and am now mending!

We were told not to drive this dandy car more than 100 miles, so we drove up to Claiburne (10 homes and a post office), Tilghman Island (Knapp's Narrows) and the site of the hangin' tree where we had previously anchored. All in all, a nice diversion from a day of sailing. We returned to find that the tide had dropped and we had an inch under MicMac's keel.

Since we had to move her anyway, we sailed over to Leeds Creek for the night where we anchored (alone again) with a huge swan and more rays and herons.

We returned to St. Michaels for a fun day of a real laundry (see the alternative laundry method), a marina shower, and dinner out.

We finally have internet access again, so I'm blogging and emailing while Pete is snoring.

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