Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Amazing Day Crossing Albemarle Sound

Tuesday, 10-13-09

After leaving Coinjock and the NC Cut in some dense morning fog, we heard on the VHF that two sailboats had run aground just up ahead. Fog is tense enough, and we soon had 2 inches under our keel. But Captain Pete steered the right way (away from the still-grounded boat), and we were off to Albemarle Sound.

All boaters have heard about the horrible wave action that can occur in Albemarle Sound, but today was wonderful—after the morning fog lifted. We sailed all the way in bright sunshine to Alligator River Marina, a nice clean stopping place but right off the highway for the “flotilla” we were travelling with (about 10 of us). It was a shorter day of 35 miles, so more time for reading.

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