Friday, October 23, 2009

Atlantic off the port side

As we motored south past two shallow inlets after leaving Southport yesterday, we could see the Atlantic. She looked so calm out there, but I’m glad we’re in the sheltered ICW and not “outside.” Lots more lovely homes and shrimp boats too. The architects of America are doing a great job down here. I'm really enjoying all these mega-homes and the more modest ones too. Looks like the building boom was successful along the "Ditch."

Suddenly yesterday, I knew we were in SC. FYI: the “stars and bars” also fly in front of the state capital in Columbia--and perhaps along the Appalachian Trail?

We anchored in secluded Calabash Creek last night. Then a few large tour boats and casino boats (Polsons onboard???) motored by. So much for solitude.

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