Sunday, October 18, 2009

Beaufort, NC

It's pronounced "Bo-fort" here in NC ("Beu-fort" later on down the ICW in SC). Kinda like NewARK, Delaware and Newark, NJ! We passed ICW Mile Marker 200 today--in 6 days!

What a charming town this is--lots of restaurants, shops, and well-maintained historic homes. Plus a great little NC Maritime Museum--with some artifacts from Blackbeard's recently discovered ship, Queen Anne's Revenge.

We arrived here after watching the Dolphins and the Eagles (NOT football teams, but the real thing) in another narrow channel. We got a slip at the town docks (new since Hurricane Isabel), looking across the water at some wild horses (perhaps descendents of conquistador days).

Wifi is fleeting, since large megayacht (on left in photo) is blocking the signal. See photo to judge MicMac (in center of the photo) in relation to the mega yacht and a custom yacht next to us that was modeled after Joshua Slocum's circumnavigation around the world yacht. But MicMac is proud of herself. They say size isn't important!

Had a great dinner at the Blue Moon Bistro last night with fellow sailors, Harriet and Skip (s/v Moondance from Baltimore). They "did the Ditch" and continued to the /Bahamas last year--on a 8 month voyage on Moondance. I'm getting really inspired to keep on movin' south on MicMac. Harriet has a blog too and I'm including her link.

It's even chillier today--in the 40s. The long-johns Julie gave me for Christmas are coming in handy. We plan to head to Dudley's Marina in Swansboro today--just to have shore power for some heat.

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  1. Sounds like alot of fun...for you. Be safe if there is bad weather around. Love to read the blog