Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Change in the Weather

A cold front with 15-20 knots of wind greeted us this morning, but no problem. We requested a bridge opening and entered the sheltered Alligator River. There actually were 15 foot alligators here until the 1930s. But I used the binoculars to look for black bears and deer. The cruising guide said that you can occasionally spot a black bear swimming across the river, but no luck today—even at Bear Point. Then we motored past Rattlesnake Bay, Catfish Point, Stumpy Point, Frying Pan Landing, and other cute names. Dolphins welcomed us as we approached the Alligator-Pungo Rivers Canal—a long 20 mile narrow canal cut through NC boonies. Saw LOTS of waterfront property with no timeshares!

Then it started raining as we sailed down the Pungo River to Belhaven, a town of 2000 that’s popular with ICW boaters. It’s about as far south in NC as Cape Hatteras, but inland—if you want to know how far we’ve gone in 4 days.

We’re staying at Belhaven Waterway Marina, a lovely small (and clean) mom-and-pop marina run by a friendly couple from Richmond, VA. Best showers/restrooms in any marina we've ever stayed in! Like staying in a friend's home. Really!

Dinner on shore at Fish Hooks Cafe tonight (WOW!)—the ONLY restaurant open in this booming metropolis and it was terrific. Love these small towns! Everyone is so friendly.

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