Monday, October 26, 2009

Into the salt marshes

We enjoyed a short day (only 15 miles), heading to one of Sista Suggs' favorite little towns, Georgetown, SC. where we tied up at Hazzard Marina. We bought 2 pounds of shrimp right off the shrimp boats nearby. While I visited all the shops and looked at cool historic homes, Captain Pete walked 3 miles round trip (he said he wanted some exercise) to the Piggly Wiggly ( a southern grocery chain--really!) to buy some cocktail sauce.

We opted to eat out at GOG (Goat Island Grill) and save the shrimp for tomorrow.

After we left Georgetown, SC, we saw another new vista--lots of salt marshes and few homes. The best way to describe it is to say that it feels like you're sailing through Kansas wheat fields. But an occasional dolphin swims by. Now I know how "Low Country South Carolina" got that name.

Googads of power boats passed MicMac today. While dealing with the wakes of these power boats, I cooked the shrimp we bought yesterday (for a low country shrimp boil) on the way to a secluded anchorage in the marshes at Graham Creek. That's why we have gimballed cooktops on sailboats. It does a decent job especially with the screw-down-gizmos that hold the pots.

This anchorage was the best so far with no light pollution from ANYwhere. LOTS of stars really are out there. But we need our sailor buddy, George Jones, to identify them for us.

Today we motored across busy Charleston Harbor, where we got a slip at Charleston City Marina for two nights. Little time to be a tourist, but we did that (by car) a few years ago. We rented a car and will drive to Columbia tomorrow to see Pete's folks. Dad will be 91in December and Mother is 88.

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