Friday, October 23, 2009

Life in the slow lane

Today we covered almost the first 50 miles of the SC ICW in 8 hours, motoring at 5-7 knots. For you land-lubbers, that’s about 6-8 mph. SLOWly we watch the world go by.

There is only one boat slower than MicMac on the ICW at the moment. It’s a unique “home-built” sailboat with only 14” draft that can go almost anywhere (MicMac’s draft is 5 feet). We keep leap-frogging them as we move south.

The first 26 miles today were through the infamous Pine Island Cut (by North Myrtle and Myrtle Beaches) where the cruising guides warn you to be “Heads Up” all the time. There are rock ledges (rocks are hard!) along a lot of it, and they’re invisible during high tide (when we were there). But Captain Pete kept us in the middle of the channel and all went well.

ICW by Myrtle Beach
Now I know why the Shag, the state dance of SC, began in Myrtle Beach. Everyone is slow dancin’ as they watch the snowbirds travel slowly down the ICW. They even have cable cars to slowly take the golfers to one course across the ICW!

Lots of golf courses in Myrtle Beach, but we were here in February. So we'll pass for now. But we do have our clubs onboard.

Lovely Waccamaw River
We went down the beautiful and truly secluded Waccamaw River today--for hours. Nothing but cypress trees and Spanish Moss for 20+ miles. It was mesmerizing. I didn’t even want to read. Instead I counted turtles (some were a foot long). I stopped at 40. They were sunning themselves on logs on this beautiful warm day. I am obviously easily amused onboard.

We’re anchored out again tonight on Thorofare Creek off the Waccamaw. Unfortunately, it’s accurately named as it’s the short cut to the Pee Dee River. These cruising guides do NOT share our definition of “quiet anchorage.” But the good news is: No casino boats! We just battened the hatches for our first big downpour of our trip. Not bad for 12 days.

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  1. Mary Ann & Pete,

    Loving following you...on land...a wonderful trip...appreciating your humor and literary could publish a guide for boaters...ln the smaller side. Enjoy! nickname...Herren