Sunday, November 29, 2009

Captain Cook did NOT have a blog

And he didn't fly home after 53 days. But WE will!

During this leg of our ICW voyage, both of us read Blue Latitudes: Boldly Going Where Captain Cook Has Gone Before by Pulitzer winning journalist Tony Horwitz. It was a 2002 NY Times bestseller that you might have missed. Cruisers and volunteer crew on replica ships would especially enjoy it.

Horwitz succeeds in telling Cook's story by following in his wake (pun intended) in TODAY's world, talking with South Seas, Hawaii, New Zealand, and Alaska folks about Cook (He was NOT a hero to the indigenous people!), and using Cook's detailed journal for accuracy. He pulls the past and the present together, within the native and English perspective, and with humor too. It's a "laugh outloud" book on many pages.

We learned how Cook redrew the map of the world when we studied "early explorers," but that was in 4th grade. 50 years later, Pete and I stood at the Cook Monument near where Cook was killed on the Big Island of Hawaii after motoring to this hard-to-get-to place. Now we understand the "big picture" of Captain Cook's explorations.

We are SO thankful that we were not onboard the 97-foot long Endeavour with Captain James Cook or on any of his three voyages, from 1768 to 1780. What a tough and demanding life during an era when a third of the world's maps remained blank. Pete and I now hold him in high esteem and respect his navigational abilities.  I thought of him often as we used our GPS chartplotter to weave our way down the ICW, kept up with the non-ICW world through emails and WiFi, never went hungry, and met no cannibals.

Cook's first voyage lasted three years! He sailed more than 200,000 miles on his three trips. Seven and a half weeks is sufficient for this first leg of our voyage and we've covered just over 1000 miles from Two Rivers Marina to Fort Pierce, Florida.

Vero Beach anchorage
We arrived here yesterday, along with Harriet and Skip on "Moondance." We missed them at the Vero Beach anchorage (see photo) where there were more than 100 boats on moorings and got together with them over dinner to swap plans for leg two of our respective trips.

After a few days of clean up and maintenance work, we'll leave MicMac tucked into her slip at Harbortown Marina in Fort Pierce. We'll fly home to Willieburg on Wednesday to reacquaint ourselves with friends (hope they remember us!), eat up three months of food minimum at the club, and celebrate Christmas. The planned second leg of our ICW trip will begin in mid-January when we fly back here and head to Key West, where we'll turn into Parrotheads for a few weeks. The Bahamas will then look inviting, so who knows where leg three will take us.

We'll look for Moondance and Harriet and Skip farther south after Christmas. Maybe I won't get my shadow on Skip's shirt next time! Thanks for the ride to West Palm Beach Airport.
Pete with Harriet and Skip from Moondance

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