Saturday, January 30, 2010

Better than Prilosec

We’ve found a treatment for reflux

We finally endured the humiliation of what most sailors experience at least once—if they anchor out enough. We dropped the hook in the north end of Lake Worth with 5 feet showing under the keel, with the tide about half way down in its 2.5 foot range. With MicMac’s 5 foot draft, that seemed sensible, and we enjoyed a nice dinner and some TV. Then I went forward to sleep in the v-berth to get some additional air. But around midnight, I awoke to the sound of something falling off the galley counter. Turned out to be the plastic bottle of tonic water that had slid into the sink. Then a few more things started shifting.

Captain Pete calmly stated, “Oops, we’re on the bottom.” Then I felt MicMac slowly heeling over a few more degrees, then more, finally stopping at about a 15 degree list. I moved sideways in the v-berth, and began to worry about books falling on my head from the shelf above my head. Pete calmly returned to the aft berth, saying “In three hours, the tide will come back in.” We then discovered that it’s quite difficult to sleep at a 15 degree angle. Kind of feels like you’re sleeping standing up.

But no reflux that night!

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