Monday, January 11, 2010

Florida Serious about Recycling?

I couldn't believe my eyes when I read that the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) recently released its report to Governor Charlie Crist and the Florida legislature with recommendations to achieve a new statewide recycling goal of 75% by the year 2020.

"The 75% recycling goal is the highest of any state," said DEP Secretary Michael W. Sole.

This amazing news from a state where boaters find nearly NO RECYCLING BINS in most marinas along the ICW? We're a "trained fleet of recyclers" from northern states with all sorts of curbside programs. And we're moving down the ICW. We're separating out our recyclables onboard and drowning in the stuff before we find the rare marina with recycling opportunities.

Florida generates more than 32 million tons of municipal solid waste annually, almost two tons per resident per year. After more than two decades after the Legislature passed Florida’s first 30% recycling goal, Floridians collectively recycle only 28% of their solid waste. Yikes, that's NOT Good, Guv. . . and we non-Floridians want to help you reach that 75% goal.

Just give us the bins at every marina!

The next step in the process is for the Legislature to consider these recommendations during the 2010 legislative session.

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