Thursday, February 18, 2010

Arrived in Key West yesterday!

I thought we'd never see Duval Street again, but here we are. The winds were only 5-10 today, so we motor sailed for 8 hours to get here in one "fell swoop."

We had enough of anchoring out (and the mooring field here is WAY out), so we got a slip at Galleon Resort and Marina for a few days. The yacht next to MicMac provided lots of protection from the wind last night!

Out of the multitude of bars and restaurants here in Key West, we opted to eat dinner at Kelly's Caribbean Bar and Grill last night because Wayne and Millie (now back in VA) had recommended it as one of their favorites. What a coinkydink! Mike, Audrey, Pete, and Mary Lee were there, after driving down to Key West for the day. Another happy hour with them!

Today we went to another of Wayne and Millie's favorites, Schooner Wharf, for lunch and to listen to legend Michael McCloud. Of course I had to buy one of his CDs. Chatted with a nice young couple from the cruise ship that's in port today who were on a pub crawl. I think that's what everyone in Key West, since Ernest Hemingway, is on!

We tried to find the cute B & B we stayed at 5 years ago, but it's now for sale, along with LOTS of homes here. Perhaps the mortgage fiasco has opened up the real estate down here.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing you guys Friday afternoon! We'll be in touch ~