Saturday, February 6, 2010

"Slight chop" on Biscayne Bay, my eye!

Weather forecast had the wind direction correct this morning (from the west), but they sure goofed on the velocity. NOAA predicted 10-15 with gust to 20 knots, so we left No Name Harbor after hanging out there for two days, waiting for a favorable forecast to sail down Biscayne Bay. First three hours made NOAA weather forcasters look like soothsayers.

Then the conditions turned "snotty." That really is a sailor term, and it means yucky. The wind gods slept in this Saturday, but woke up around 11 a.m. to kick it up a notch, as good ole Emeril says. We experienced a consistent 28-30 knots with a few gusts greater than that for the next 5 hours. That is NOT fun sailing conditions in my humble opinion. I know that the East Coast is also seeing high winds, along with googads of snow, so I guess I can't complain. Plus it could have been a lot worse--if Biscayne Bay had deeper water.

Speaking of water, we saw Biscayne Bay in many different colors today: turquoise, then pea soup, then dark blue, then coffee with a lot of cream, and finally now black. But a very CLEAR black that let us see the dolphins under us as we dropped anchor.

Captain Pete and crew are enjoying a well deserved happy hour on the hook right now, in Tarpon Basin, off Key Largo. We are now officially in the Keys, and we're still listening to a howling wind at this anchorage. It's really "honking," another perfectly apt term.

We've reserved a slip in Plantation Yacht Harbor on Key Largo tomorrow. Gotta watch those Saints and Colts!

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