Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl XLIV in Islamorada

We knew we were in the Keys when I spotted this flamingo pink Nauti-Limo near our marina. VERY classy, doncha think?

We would have missed the Super Bowl if we had been anchored out because TV reception is spotty in the Keys. So we opted for a marina and cable TV, but instead walked down Highway 1 to Chilly Willie’s to catch the first half. We did not need to dress up for dinner!

Hog Heaven is the infamous sports bar in Islamorada, but that would have been a major hike. Two bar seats at Chilly Willie’s were our home for the entire game. Who could leave with the lead changing hands a few times, “buy one drink, get one free” for the night, dollar nachos (pretty bad), and free shots if your team scored? We were offered a ride back to the marina by fellow Saints fans, but chose to walk, singing “Oh when the Saints go marching in” and with our free Bud Bowl t-shirts across our chests for visibility to drivers. New Orleans folks have so much to celebrate now. Whoopee!

Islamorada is called the “Sportfishing Capital of the World” (George Bush Senior loved to come here)with VERY pricy bonefishing trips extremely popular. And you can’t even eat those things.

The local artists have an arts village, the Rain Barrel, near the marina too. No Beebes here however! You can’t miss the spiny lobster sculpture out front. Lack of space on MicMac inhibits my purchases. Our ARB would really love that concrete manatee and a few colorful whirlygigs by our mailbox.

We are now the only boat anchored in Matecumbe Bight and the winds have finally been light today. The water is like glass. NOAA of course forecast 10-15 knots. They must use a Magic 8 ball. We now hear that the Mid-Atlantic coast may get another snowstorm in a few days. Y'all come on down.

We are sailing southwest now. Most folks think the Keys are directly south of Miami, but they string out to the southwest. Tomorrow we plan to head out Channel 5 (not 4 or 6 ;-) to Hawk Channel and get to Marathon. The harbor promises to be very crowded. The Harbormaster told Pete there were 26 on a waiting list for a mooring ball yesterday. So we'll enjoy our solitude at this anchorage today.

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