Friday, February 12, 2010

Waiting for Mariah

As Andy Rooney might ask, why do they "Call the Wind Mariah"?

Chilly in Marathon
There’s something funky about this photo, taken yesterday, during the calm before the storm. Why would a photo of tropical paradise in Marathon include a Tiki Hut and First Mate Mary Ann in fleece? In February? The temps continue below average here in the middle Keys, but I can’t complain since it’s MUCH colder up north. But we're at anchor, and waking up in the 50s on MicMac in the morning makes me think twice about a marina. And we're waiting for a mooring ball?

But it was perfect weather yesterday for a brisk mile walk to Publix to restock MicMac. We also found a great Cuban restaurant in town, El Siboney. Neither of us needed much dinner after polishing off their Cuban Mix sandwiches for lunch.

One good effect of the January cold snap (into the 30s) was the death of some invasive species in Florida. The local paper just reported that the headcount of those pesky Burmese pythons, and other invasive iguanas and fish is way down. Survival of the fittest, however, means that many of them are still lurking in south Florida.

Many folks in Boot Key Harbor are sitting on their boats this afternoon, waiting for the big winds and thunderstorms NOAA is predicting. Click here to see Boot Key Harbor on their live web cam.

In spite of the frequent false alarms and faulty predictions we listen to on our VHF radios, well-prepared sailors still “batten the hatches down.” Captain Pete now has live radar as well on his new smart phone toy! Then there's Accu-Weather and the National Weather Service. NO Weather Channel out here on the hook though. TV reception is practically nil here. Cable rules!

When that blasted disembodied NOAA voice (the robotic one) issues gale warnings, we check and re-check the anchor, put out more chain if possible, remove anything topside that’s loose, secure the dinghy, and reduce as much “windage” as possible. No need to be whipping around the anchorage like a whirling dervish when “it” hits the fan.

And I had hoped to take Patti on Bum's Rest advice and get some tasty stone crab claws tonight. $1 a piece sounded great. Guess they'll be there tomorrow too.

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  1. You are missing squat here as far as weather is concerned. I humored myself this a m and bought some:cilantro, carrot, basil and radish seeds. My poor pansies were frozen this a m. At least we have the sunshine and wind. Cripes.