Thursday, February 18, 2010

Windjammers from NJ in Marathon

Terrific! We got to see more old sailing friends from NJ.

Audrey and Mike, from our Windjammer days on Barnegat Bay, spend half the year in their Tampa area home. They drove down to Marathon to visit other former Windjammers, Pete and Mary Lee, who spend Februarys in Marathon on their Endeavor 44 power catamaran, "Twin Chariot." Audrey read our blog and emailed us that they'd be in town while we were marooned here. They picked us up in a dinghy and we enjoyed lunch with all of them at another Marathon spot, Hurricane's (famous for their $5 lunch). Then back to "Twin Chariot" for happy hour.

If NOAA isn't lying and the wind is from the north, we planned to head south the next day to get closer to Key West.

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