Friday, April 16, 2010

Cumberland Island Round Two

Shadows along Cumberland Island trail
We hadn't even heard of this terrific and isolated (can only get here by boat) National Park along the Georgia coast before last fall, and now we're back for the second time. Since we've now qualified for National Park Free Perpetual Senior Passes (62??), it was easy to decide to come back here today. Plus it was a lot warmer than it was last November when we visited this great natural wonderland. Thank you Carnegie family for keeping it like it was in the 1920s. What a great legacy!

We nearly had the whole beach to ourselves again today, and then the wild horses arrived. Lucy Carnegie and her grand-daughter Lucy Ferguson insisted that their horses be given permanent reign (rein??) over this island. We had seen them on the Cumberland River anchorage side when we were here last fall, but today they walked the beach as if they owned it. Guess they do!

Wild horses on Cumberland Island, GA
Fewer boats here tonight at the anchorage too. Only 2 sailboats and 2 trawlers. The snowbird parade north is slowly beginning.

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  1. Finally getting caught up on the Moxon blog. You two are just having too darn much fun and we are jealous! The food sounds fab!

    Come home will ya and get back to life in little ole Virginny! We look forward to your return!

    Love from the Beebsters!