Friday, April 16, 2010

Good humor in a cemetery???

After dinner last night at Lang’s Seafood in St. Marys, I convinced Pete that I really needed to revisit the Oakgrove Cemetery that I had walked around earlier that day. I had been a bit nervous walking around it alone, snapping photos of long-ago residents’ graves. But I'm really into cemeteries, and this one was from 1788.

An Oakgrove Cemetery Angel
During dinner, I looked up at a photo on the restaurant wall of the same "Awaiting the Resurrection" tombstone angel that I had photographed a few hours earlier. Shades of Savannah’s “Garden of Good and Evil” kinda gave me the heebie geebies.

So I just had to show the Captain the grave, but now it was dusk. Is that the ideal time to visit the dead, or what?

I had read that during the yellow fever era in St. Marys, the undertakers supposedly tied strings connected to bells on the hands of the deceased—in case they were in a coma and not dead. That may have been the origin of “saved by the bell” or maybe it’s an old wives tale.

But there we were at dusk, walking through this cemetery, when we heard a very loud bell. Yegads! Chill down our spines.

But it was the local Good Humor truck (and we had skipped dessert) so we enjoyed some ice cream treats in the cemetery as we finished out “graveyard shift” tour.

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