Thursday, April 29, 2010

Maw on the Waccamaw

The Waccamaw River is definitely one of Maw's favorites; so I took the wheel yesterday for most of the 25 or so miles up this delightful river. Nothing but Spanish moss draped from the cypress trees, lots of turtles (though not as many as on our trip south since it was now high tide), and few fellow boaters and homes.

We arrived at the Barefoot Landing Marina in Myrtle Beach after about nine hours, our longest day in miles and hours so far in one day. I think we're thinking about our golf clubs gathering dust in the boat and the weeds that will need to be addressed when we get home. Plus the days are so delightful weather-wise and much longer than on our way down south.

I enjoyed shopping in Barefoot Landing (saw this tiger behind glass, seriously) and we both enjoyed dinner at T-Bonz last night. No fresh veggies or food onboard right now, so it's either pizza, rice and beans, or eat out. Duh!! No choice there.

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