Sunday, April 11, 2010

More Masters at New Smyna Marina and Palm Coast Marina

We requested one of our final bridge openings for quite some time yesterday morning as we left Florida's "Space Coast." Most of the bridges ahead of us are either fixed bridges or open on demand. It's still quite fun to watch all that traffic stop for about 5 minutes as we pass through. There were googads of them around Fort Lauderdale, so Captain Pete is glad to see them behind us.

After another "o dark thirty" departure, we got to New Smryna Marina yesterday just in time for the Captain to watch the Masters (otherwise we would have anchored out) and the First Mate to walk downtown (all of two blocks away).

New Smyrna car rally
An antique car rally was taking place and it sounded like a Nascar race (or what I imagine one sounds like) as many of the engines revved up as the cars sat parked along Canal Street. It was sorta like a "BIG ENGINE" contest for guys with lots of tats. Many of the women were heavily tattooed also. I had hoped for a quiet little stroll downtown, but kinda enjoyed the people-watching.

Pete got to enjoy it too a few hours later, after the Masters, as we walked to the Dolphin Watch restaurant for more good seafood.

Landshark goes with everything.
We've been supporting Jimmy Buffet lately since we discovered Landshark Beer. It goes well with fish sandwiches. Shrimp sndwiches too!

Today we're again hooked up to cable, this time at the Palm Coast Marina and watching Phil, Tiger, Lee, and the gang.

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  1. Sounds like a good trip so far. We may be back in Florida soon--we'll be watching the weather closely this weekend. Can't wait for my first visit to a Publix!!