Friday, April 16, 2010

On to St. Marys

No pirates onboard?
Yesterday we sailed up the St. Marys River to St. Marys (what else?), Georgia, after leaving the Fernandina mooring field.

We passed by this area in mid-November, one week too early to attend the St. Marys Thanksgiving Dinner for cruisers.  So we wanted to see the great town that gives such a warm reception to boaters every year.

This cool ship was anchored in the harbor. Sure makes you wonder—pirate wannabe or anarchist?? We tied up to the dock at Lang’s Marina after checking in with dockmaster Nat, then enjoyed a light lunch at the Madhatter’s Tearoom.

Orange Hall in St. Marys, GA
While Captain Pete visited the Submarine Museum, I walked around this Georgia makes you think of “gone with the wind” town, and checked out the Orange Hall antebellum home, where I had a private tour.

This cute town is worth a visit although I held my breath as I walked past the demolition of the old elementary school. A nearby antiques shop owner told me it was a “sick building,” but that they were taking it down while the new school (next door) was in session. It was recess time too! Guess lead and asbestos aren't scary to these folks.

I got some coloful photos of fishing boat markers at the docks here tonight too, plus a great marsh shot with a sunken derelict boat.

Colorful floats

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