Thursday, April 29, 2010

Southport beckons again

Fresh shrimp, anyone?
Another long day (47 miles) brought us to one of our favorite towns and marinas in Southport, NC. We were part of a 10-boat parade leaving Barefoot Landing and the three required bridge openings. We just heard that one of them, Sunset pontoon bridge, may be closed nowfor high winds (what else is new here?), so we're glad we got through before that occurred.

Laundry kept me busy this afternoon for a few hours (as Pete changed the impeller and cleaned filters), and now we're heading to Mr. P's Bistro for dinner. We're trying not to repeat the marinas and towns on the way north, but this was one of our favorites. LOTS of shrimp boats along the way today, so I may just have to eat some more of those tasty little critters. Sure glad we're not sailing aling the Louisiana Gulf coast today. Those plumes from the burning oil slick may not be very healthy.

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  1. I remember a really good ice cream shop in Southport. We'll probably stop there too. Currently in Georgia--Frederica River and trying to make Charleston in a few days. We like to stay at Isle of Palms so we can visit our nephew and family.