Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring has arrived in Florida

We enjoyed a great motor-sail from Islamorada to Pumpkin Key in Card Sound. Very few boats were out today as we headed north through more narrow channels than I remembered on the way south.

Gotta remember now to keep those red marks on the left! No more "red right returning" as we head for home.

The Florida weather that we expected in February finally arrived, and we only shared the Pumpkin Key anchorage with two boats. It's a private island with lots of "No Trespassing" signs, so we took their advice. A quiet night with a beautiful sunset.

Ragged Key
The next day, we took a lunch stop at Ragged Key where Captain Pete rowed us into shore and on the return trip back to MicMac. Guess we all forget some basic things when on land for too long. But an outboard won't keep running with the gas vent closed. Mr. Dumass finally remembered as we got back onboard.

Ragged Key is an uninhabited very small key and we thought we had the place to ourselves. OOPS. It was Holy Thursday and school was out. Five boats with children soon arrived and our Robinson Crusoe experience and quiet lunch on land was soon over.

We pulled up the anchor and headed to No Name Harbor where we had stayed on our way south. It's only about 15 miles south of Miami, on Key Biscayne, but you feel like you're a world away from Miami. Lots of boats were anchored there, but most took off around sunset. We dinghied in to shore (outboard now working with gas vent open!) and ate dinner at The Boaters' Grill. Crabcakes were OK, but I miss Two Rivers' creation.

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