Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Home again in Williamsburg

Captain Pete and new swabbie Jake back MicMac into her slip.
We can now cross out "cruise up and down the ICW to Key West" on our Bucket List.

Seven months after MicMac left Deltaville (10-11-09), she backed into her old slip at Stingray Point yesterday, thanks to help from good friend, Jake.

This "first rate first mate" gladly turned over the crew position for the final day because 1) Jake is always happy to sail, and 2) some feisty winds were still possible. Jake and Pete had a rolicking good sail up the bay and it was indeed "rolly," chilly, and drizzly. I picked them up in Deltaville. We loaded the SUV to the top with LOTS of clothes (many of which were neither worn nor needed since we only got in the water once) and many of the 40+ books we've read during this voyage. Most marinas have book exchange shelves, so we kept swapping.

Our laundry room now looks like a disaster area because I want to wash everything that was on the boat. The pile of magazines is gargantuan, and the yard has lots of weeds. So it's back to normal for now. I don't think I need any long cruises on MicMac for awhile either. We did fly home in December for about a month and again in March, but 7 months is a long time.

 Captain Pete compiled some nifty figures about this voyage.
  • Departed: Oct. 11, 2009
  • Returned: May 11, 2010
  • Farthest point south: Key West, FL
  • Total days: 212
  • Days on board: 115
  • Days ashore (flew home twice, ashore with friends, famiy visits, travel etc.): 97
  • Miles covered: 2728 statute miles
  • Marinas: 56 (more than we really wanted)
  • Anchorages: 37
  • Engine hours: 530 hrs.
  • Diesel fuel consumed: 300 gallons
  • Wine consumed: Don't ask!

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  1. Hi MicMax Sounds like your happy to be home. Sorry we missed you by a few days. We are in the C & D canal and tomorrow Cape May and home base on Saturday in New Gretna, NJ Vikings Yachting Center. We left 10-18-09. Wish I had keep track of the Niffy Figures. I'll do that next time around, we hope 3 years. Takes us that long to save up the green stuff for the boat kitty. LOL. Plus our kids would shoot us if we did this every year. It's been great reading your blog. Keep in sailing touch. Wayne and Patti and Sailor the dog.