Monday, May 10, 2010

Tied up in Hampton, VA

Where did all this scrap metal come from?
The day we left the Dismal Swamp Canal was delightful and much cooler than the day before. We were happy to see the sights of Norfolk and Portsmouth, commercial though they are. Even the huge pile of scrap metal looked great. The Norfolk Navy Shipyard and Navy Base never looked so good to me either.
"Star Wars" anyone?
This stealth ship was impressive too. I called it a "Star Wars Ship."

Sailing through Hampton Roads always involves dodging barges, tugboats, and Navy warships. Today was no different, but Captain Pete remained calm as usual.

But the weather forecast for the next three days did not look so appealing for sailing up the Bay to Deltaville the next day. Winds of 30-35 knots and 5-6 foot seas in the Bay? I think not.

So MicMac has been tied up at Bluewater Marina in Hampton since last Friday night. We phoned friends Jake and Diane to come rescue us and drive us home. Yeah, they were happy to oblige. Three or four nights at home (with the big luxury of flush toilets) sounded too good to pass up, as we wait for less wind--and NOT from the north.

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