Thursday, April 29, 2010

Southport beckons again

Fresh shrimp, anyone?
Another long day (47 miles) brought us to one of our favorite towns and marinas in Southport, NC. We were part of a 10-boat parade leaving Barefoot Landing and the three required bridge openings. We just heard that one of them, Sunset pontoon bridge, may be closed nowfor high winds (what else is new here?), so we're glad we got through before that occurred.

Laundry kept me busy this afternoon for a few hours (as Pete changed the impeller and cleaned filters), and now we're heading to Mr. P's Bistro for dinner. We're trying not to repeat the marinas and towns on the way north, but this was one of our favorites. LOTS of shrimp boats along the way today, so I may just have to eat some more of those tasty little critters. Sure glad we're not sailing aling the Louisiana Gulf coast today. Those plumes from the burning oil slick may not be very healthy.

Maw on the Waccamaw

The Waccamaw River is definitely one of Maw's favorites; so I took the wheel yesterday for most of the 25 or so miles up this delightful river. Nothing but Spanish moss draped from the cypress trees, lots of turtles (though not as many as on our trip south since it was now high tide), and few fellow boaters and homes.

We arrived at the Barefoot Landing Marina in Myrtle Beach after about nine hours, our longest day in miles and hours so far in one day. I think we're thinking about our golf clubs gathering dust in the boat and the weeds that will need to be addressed when we get home. Plus the days are so delightful weather-wise and much longer than on our way down south.

I enjoyed shopping in Barefoot Landing (saw this tiger behind glass, seriously) and we both enjoyed dinner at T-Bonz last night. No fresh veggies or food onboard right now, so it's either pizza, rice and beans, or eat out. Duh!! No choice there.

Can you get seasick tied up to a dock?

Or is is "docksick"?

Jim and Susan greet us in Charleston.
I almost found out when we were tied to a dock in Charleston Harbor at Patriots' Point. Last Saturday night, the wind started honkin' (Captain Pete's term for gusts of 30+ knots). We cancelled our tee-time due to the rain, but the wind never let up for three days. Waves were crashing over the dock as the time approached that afternoon for Jim Brinkley to pick us up for a stay with Susan and him in their almost new home on the Wando River. Nothing like putting on foul weather gear just to get off MicMac and make our way off the docks.

We really enjoyed our visit with the Brinkleys, and their elegant and quiet guest room too, especially without waves crashing against a hull. This was our view of the marsh the next morning. Pete and Jim shared some stories of high school days in Columbia that neither of their wives had heard before.

Jim loaned us his car for the day so that we could visit Pete's parents in Columbia. Then back to MicMac for docktails. Jim and Susan were real sailors as we rocked and rolled at the docks, with waves again crashing over the dock. Just as we adjusted to land legs, we had to rev up for sea legs again.

After another night of honkin' winds, we left Charleston Harbor behind (goodbye Fort Sumpter) and headed to Minim Creek, a quiet little anchorage at last.