Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Three more nights at anchor

First night we anchored on Jackson Creek off the Piantatank River. Always a nice anchorage except on holiday weekends.We were one of only three boats tonight.

Then big winds on the nose as we motorsailed past Wolf Trap Lighthouse to Blackwater Creek off the North River in Mobjack Bay.

Wolf Trap Light

Wanna buy this caisson lighthouse? It's on the market for $250,000 including a lot on land. It has been there since 1894, so be ready to renovate! The earlier rendition was carried away by an ice flow when the Bay froze. Don't expect that in the near future.


I always enjoy seeing Elmington Estate from the water too. This stately home has graced this area of Gloucester since 1640 when Thomas Dixon built it for his bride..

Then past New Point Comfort Lighthouse into Mobjack Bay, where we anchored far up the North River in a delightful no-house area. Winds kept the skeeters away too.
New Point Comfort Light

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