Friday, July 26, 2013


This acronym means Bigger Boats Go First. Captain Pete and I follow that rule ALL the time, especially with behemoths like these.

Some skippers play chicken with these fast moving ships and frequently get a radio call such as "East traveling sailboat, alter your course."

We hailed m/v Rhapsody that appeared to be on autopilot a few days ago when we saw no one at the bridge after he came very close to a tug and container ship, seemed aimed OUR way, and then at nearby Smith Point Light. Never saw a boat make such a sharp turn so quickly! 

If the gas industry gets its way, more megaship tankers will be in this section of the Chesapeake by Calvert Cliffs soon when this liquified natural gas terminal becomes a major east coast LNG export terminal. Rhapsody, do not doze off again. 

Just north of this LNG terminal are the two reactors of the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant and its discharged cooling waters. Steamed crabs anyone?

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