Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Finally sailed to Smith Island

Seas were a bit feisty today, especially as we crossed the mouth of the Potomac (too much bluster in Congress), but we arrived on Smith Island around noon. 

The seabird welcoming committee was on the jetty as we motored through the channel to Smith Island Marina in Ewell. Then Pauli Eades and Milty officially welcomed us.  

I have had Smith Island, Maryland, on my bucket list since reading Tom Horton's ISLAND OUT OF TIME about three years ago. Really a group of islands in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay, these low lying lands are threatened by erosion as well as hurricanes and nor'easters. Pauli told us that half of her own home still has no electricity since Sandy. FEMA was a bit remiss when it came to this island but half the homes now have new roofs thanks to homeowners' insurance. 

At first we only saw "Closed" signs but quickly realized that we had arrived before today's tour boat. 

But Ruke's was open and we ordered soft shell crabs. What else! Ruke's has a colorful past including two former owners who almost shot each other over some misunderstanding. 

Super high tide was flooding some of the streets, so the golf cart rental folks would not allow any rentals to explore the island and see Rhodes Point. Not to worry! The locals we had enjoyed talking with during lunch offered us a ride and tour. VERY friendly folks!

If you live here, you are a Methodist because all three churches are Methodist. 

It seems that many of the homes here are either abandoned or for sale. 

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