Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Guess what's for dinner

Watermen come back around 2 pm. Tour boat leaves at 4 pm. No restaurants are open for dinner so we bought two crab cakes from takeout and two pieces of 10-layer Smith Island Cake for dinner back on MicMac. AC is cooling off the boat and there is a weak Internet signal if I stand in the right place onboard. So we are set for the night. 

A wonderful and unique place to visit, especially if you want a relaxing return to yesteryear. There are bed and breakfasts too if you want more than a day trip, and a delightful museum. 

Local post office is open part time for the 200 residents. 

And if it's a hot day and someone asks, "Abut to met?" simply say "Yes I am ABOUT TO MELT." An Elizabethan/Cockney accent is alive and well here, just like on Tangier Island VA farther south. 

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