Monday, July 22, 2013

Let's hear it for the menhaden

This bony oily fish earns few headlines although it is a big part of the Chesapeake food chain. Rockfish think its tasty. Humans, not so much. 

So as we approach Omega Protein's fishing fleets out of Reedville, Virginia, I applauded last month's $7.5 million fine on that company for its blatant offenses of dumping fish parts along with oily bilge water into MY Bay. 

And no one seems concerned about another one of their damages to the Chesapeake that we reported last year when we saw one of their fleets in shallow water off the mouth of the Piankatank River. Their keels were kicking up huge plumes of muddy river bottom in their wakes. No chance of underwater grasses surviving that assault!

And who limits Omega's catches? The VA legislators who know so much about the state of the Bay. Efforts to put the regs into other hands keep losing out. 

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