Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Point No Point Lighthouse has always baffled me as we always sail well inside it, between it and land. Why was it needed out there?

No prudent sailor, for example, would sail inside Thomas Point Lighthouse near Annapolis or the shoals would soon greet the hull of your boat. 

So, thanks to Google, I discovered that the Point No Point light was needed because otherwise big ships had a thirty mile span between Cove Point and Smith Point lights.  But it had a tough birth. The first version fell apart as it was hauled there. The second pier was torn apart by ice floes in 1904 when global warming was not taking place. The third one was installed successfully but has needed lots of dollars to keep it operating since 1905. The Coast Guard tried to auction it off but then discovered that the light marked the end of the Navy firing range. A nice thing to know!

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