Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hunkered down in Mill Creek

Battened down the hatches at oh dark thirty when the expected rain arrived and we'll stay where we are 'til tomorrow morning. No sense heading into 20+ knot wind, rain and big waves if we don't have to. I am now calling that the Maytag Effect. We have not experienced the spin cycle yet. 

We used the day for much needed onboard housekeeping duties and organizing.  Maybe more of Seasons one and two of Seinfeld on our new TV. And reading too.

Hoped to host happy hour with Lynn and Peter who live nearby, but their dinghy motor is in for repairs and Pete just deflated ours and put it away. Neither couple wanted to swim! And it's raining again  So we'll wave to each other at five o'clock. Cheers!

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