Friday, May 10, 2013

Anchored on the Corrotoman River

After an "afternoon of nothingness" (sailor term for a slow sail with lots of reading time), we are anchored in one of my favorite spots on earth on the Western Branch of the Corrotoman River. That is north of the Rappahannock River for you landlubbers and non-Northerners.

One of this river's unique features is the free Merry Point ferry in Lancaster County. A ferry has been in operation here since 1847 (or 1668 if you believe all that is on the internet) and the newest one (still a cable operating one) began service here just a few years ago to help with the drive from Ottoman Wharf on the south shore to Merry Point on the north of the Corrotoman. It really takes you back in time to simpler days when no one was in an interstate-hurry.

Our new TV is only picking up Curious George at the moment. No world news may not be a bad thing. 

But I was driven by "nothingness" on my mind to name the ferry captain. 
Who captains the Merry Ferry? Jerry Terry.
Is Jerry hairy? Very, but also very wary. Otherwise would be scary.
Who is his wife? Sherry Mary, who is very contrary and an actuary.
Sherry and Jerry's favorite pies? Cherry and blueberry.
Any pets? A canary and a dromedary.
Do they have any allergies? Sherry Mary, dairy. Jerry, nary.
Any ailments? Dysentery, rarely.
That is definitely enough!