Saturday, July 19, 2014

Oops, Honga River is not what we expected

First we had to dodge a minefield of crab pots as we approached the Honga. They were about every ten feet. 

Then we got to the four mile wide mouth of the Honga, and I saw my hopes for a cozy anchorage go poof. The charts led me to believe that the Honga was narrow. But four miles wide is not narrow. It looked more like my beloved James River where I never entertained thoughts of anchoring for the night. 

So we turned around and are heading south, perhaps to Crisfield. But I learned a lot by reading a memoir of William Hooper along the way. So I can appreciate Honga's long history and its role in the oyster industry. 

Perhaps that is why I could find only two articles about cruising the Honga in the last 15 years. This river might be fun to explore in a kayak. But a sailboat with a 5' draft just isn't ideal

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