Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Through Kent Narrows to the Wye

We had a feisty motor sail under the Bay Bridge and north until we made the turn to approach the Kent Narrows bridge, one of few spots on the Chesapeake to see palm trees. Some real, but most fake. 

It is always fun to stop car traffic to request a bridge opening. 

And then the wind died as we passed by bucolic Parsons Island. It is losing 2-5 acres per year to erosion and rising seas. One idea was to haul dredge from Baltimore to replace that. But no signs of that occurring yet. 

Want to buy some property?

Found an airy anchorage in Quarter Cove on the Wye River after sleuthing out our favorite, Dividing Creek, just across the River. We didn't remember all the fallen tree debris in 2003. Aha, Hurricane Isabel left her calling card in fall 2003. 

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