Friday, July 18, 2014

Tilghman Island a quiet retreat

But getting to Tilghman on Chesapeake Marina was the challenge. It seems that one portion of the channel to Knapps Narrows bridge is closer to 4.5 feet at low tide, even though dredging is done regularly. And MicMac draws 5 feet. So we bounced a tad at first contact, then stayed firmly aground at red marker #4. A passing power boat's wake didn't help us budge either. But then a friendly and helpful waterman on his workboat Land Lord offered to pull us off the shoal. It wasn't an easy job, but we were finally on our way to ask the bridge tender to lift the bridge for MicMac.

We had driven to Tilghman Island from St. Michael's a few years ago, but it was a new destination by boat. The newish Tilghman on Chesapeake marina is quite lovely. The view from the pool is amazing as you can see.

We walked less than a mile down a lovely Tilghman street of well-maintained and landscaped homes to Two If By Sea for a tasty dinner. Also got to watch owner Henry icing a few Smith Island cakes for a wedding the next day.

Started chatting with the only other couple there for dinner and, lo and behold, they were fellow sailors from Stingray Harbour Marina who are off on a one year cruise. They had hit googads of our favorite Chesapeake anchorages already. Happy sailing on Dreamer to them!

A relaxing finale in the cockpit with a sunset nightcap was the perfect ending. 

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