Saturday, July 19, 2014

Where is Waldo?

And MicMac? 

On the Big Annemessex River on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, just north of Crisfield. After an 11 hour day of sailing and motor sailing. 

Once again, NOAA knows nothing about wind velocity. 5 knots my eye. More like 15-20 all day, with drops to 5 occasionally.

So we are anchored far up a river I never heard of three hours ago. Nobody else either. We are all alone on a rather open anchorage. 

And our 9th straight night of no skeeters or no-see-ems, allowing rare evenings to watch the skies without being attacked by insects. And in July? Who'd a thunk it? Bring on that summer polar vortex. 

Will head home tomorrow (another long day) to put four new red dots on our Chesapeake Bay chart. And do a LOT of laundry.

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