Monday, June 15, 2015

Summer cruise with Stingray Yacht Club

We departed last Friday for Mill Creek near Reedville. Saw quite a few Dolphins along the way. After docktails onboard Aspire, we spent a VERY hot and humid night at anchor. AC at Zahnhisers Marina on Solomons Island the next night was much nicer. 

Then north to Herrington Harbor South on another hot (and gnatty) day. Saw a lot of rays skimming along the top of flat seas today. Some folks are marketing these cow-nosed rays as tasty eating. Haven't tried them yet, so the jury is out.

AC again! A threatening thunderstorm necessitated a change in plans to a fun potluck dinner on Aspire again. Warren and Barbara are now family!

Across the bay past Bloody Point Light to St. Michaels right now. I just googled this somewhat off-plumb lighthouse to discover that it is now privately owned and that the owner plans to desalinate water here and make a unique beer. Hmmmm. 

Now in St. Michaels, the town that "fooled the British" in the War of 1812 by hanging lanterns in the treetops, leading the British to fire their cannons too high. 

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